Kabrita is produced by Hyproca Nutrition, which is part of Ausnutria Hyproca. This group of Dutch dairy companies is built around three well known dairy factories in the Netherlands. Each factory has its own extensive history in the development and production of infant formulas and other specialized dairy products. Hyproca started with the production of high quality dairy products in 1897 and the first tins of baby milk formulas where produced in 1938. When it comes to milk and dairy products, most people automatically tend to think about cow milk. This is especially the case when it comes to baby and toddler nutrition. However, there are gentler alternatives available than cow milk. That is why Kabrita’s Goat milk provides all the nutrition (and more!) of cow milk, while being naturally gentle and easy to digest. This makes it an excellent alternative for the daily milk and dairy consumption of you and your little ones.